we'll make it dark again

Natasha. 17.

Ignoring responsibilities and instead serenading my horse with Taylor Swift. .

I've met Darren Criss multiple times and one of those was a 47 minute skype conversation and I never mentioned CrissColfer and thats my biggest accomplishment.

Pretending that Ten and Rose and Donna are traveling together and that House and Cuddy had a happy ending.

Ignoring my college apps by reading Larry Stylinson fanfiction.

The West Wing is God's gift to mankind.

The Jonas Brothers didn't break up shut up.

my american girl blog is pennyandpatriot


The biggest overreaction recorded in history.

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“How am I supposed to practise medicine with a lawyer sitting on my shoulder?”
“You know I can’t do that!”

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From Chris Colfer’s high school literary magazine

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Kurt + his mom

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darren criss + behind the glee

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oh this fanfiction has an interesting summary and it’s even complete let’s see wha

I got up”

clicks out of tab


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you know that scene in this is us when harry says ‘we’ll always be a part of each other’ and he looks at louis and I die


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A new new new Adventure

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A new new new Adventure

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David Tennant on filming Casanova (x)

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